Care of the apple tree in the year of planting

After planting apple seedlings in the spring, he should immediately shorten the central conductor to 2-3 buds. This stimulates the growth of lateral shoots. If the seedling already has skeletal branches, then each of them must be subordinated to the central conductor, that is, they should be lower than the central shoot. During the first year of life, care for the apple tree is reduced to watering and protection from pests.

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Caring for apple trees always implies the introduction of organic or mineral fertilizers. Therefore, the next, often asked question of gardeners, how often do you need to feed trees with mineral and organic fertilizers? To begin with, when refueling the pit, manure or hum is added to the soil. It is enough that the seedling takes root in a permanent place and develops the root system during the first three to five years. Then the roots go beyond the volume of the planting pit, and the tree feeds on the substances absorbed from the surrounding soil. This food is enough for the next 15-20 years of apple life. To this age, the root system occupies the maximum area and does not extend further. In the 25-30 years of the apple tree, there may be signs of a lack of such macronutrients as nitrogen and phosphorus. Signs can serve as the fall of the ovaries, the change in the taste qualities of the fruit, the color of the leaves. In this case, mineral fertilizers should be introduced into the tree trunks. To do this, scraps are made by grooves, evenly distributing them along the perimeter of the crown. Their depth should be 20-25 cm, the number - 6-8. In each fall, a complex NPK fertilizer is pelletized. The holes are covered with earth. Natural soil moisture will gradually transfer the granules to a dissolved state, making the substances available for absorption by the roots. This feeding will last for another 3-5 years.

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