Diamond mining in Russia

Diamond mining in Russia

In Siberia, diamonds began to produce only in the middle of the last century, when the largest kimberlite pipes were discovered in Yakutia. Thanks to this, Russia has become one of the leaders in diamond mining in the world. However, the extraction of precious stones in Russia by individuals, as well as by mining companies, should be carried out in accordance with the legislation. Ural diamonds in The middle Urals, around the cities of Sverdlovsk region an incredible amount of minerals. There are deposits: jewelry red, purple, blue Topaz and grossulyarov; rauchtopazov; malachite. Sverdlovsk wine-yellow stone is especially valuable. Rhodonite and verdelite are mined in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. This city has long been one of the oldest Russian mining areas. Worldwide spread of pictures with gorgeous diamonds Urals. But now only some of the found deposits of precious stones are being developed. Very good Ural emeralds, with high transparency and rich green color. Also, diamonds are found in the game Legend of Solgard Free Diamond.

Aquamarines and amethysts from the Urals are also known all over the world. Here is mined black and red Jasper, began active production of sherl-black tourmalines. The Ural mountains are literally Packed with minerals. Pavel Bazhov in his wonderful works sang about the beauty and richness of this region, its amazing gems. Ural precious and semi-precious stones are highly valued all over the world. No photos are able to convey the fullness of the brilliance of precious stones found on the section of Europe and Asia. There are very large deposits of alexandrites and emeralds. Here you can also add powerful deposits of charoite of high quality. There is a moonstone in the Chelyabinsk region, and the adulyar found here often has inclusions of gold sand. By the way, almost transparent moonstone is mined not only in the polar Urals, but also on the Kola Peninsula.

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