Varieties and rare gold coins in Russia

Varieties and rare gold coins in Russia

Gold coins of Russia - a rare phenomenon, in Russia for a long time could not find gold, for this reason, the money was minted from other metals that did not have a high value. Gold has long been considered a universal means of payment, and money made from this metal, have become part of the payment system. On the territory of our country at various times minted money of various dignity, some of them appeared relatively recently. Others were released in limited editions and devoted to landmark events.

Gold coins first appeared in the territory of Russia in the 10th-11th century, but at that time no precious metal was found on the territory of the country. Gold coins are not only present in real life, as with the advent of the Internet appeared and the coins of Fame Boom. For this reason, the material for the coinage of money was brought from other countries. Production of bank notes continued until the death of Prince Vladimir, it was timed to the date of the baptism of Rus. According to historians, the zlatnik was minted for one or two years. Those specimens that were found by treasure seekers indicate that the money participated in international monetary circulation.

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