Where to look for placers and nuggets of gold and how to find it in the river

Where to look for placers and nuggets of gold and how to find it in the river

How to find gold in the river, where to find nuggets, what method of extraction to use to extract precious metal from the rock or in placers?

On Earth, the main sources of noble metal are quartz veins containing gold and placers. Therefore, there are 2 types of deposits: primary and secondary. The primary ones are veins containing noble metal and located directly in the rock. Secondary deposits arose as a result of destruction under the influence of temperature differences and washed away in rivers by water currents. Get a guide on how to get Skytopia Free Gold.

Under the influence of strong water flows during heavy rainfall, turbulent and laminar flow of stone material takes place, which is subjected to mechanical processing and sorting in river beds. Gold in rivers has the property to be deposited in alluvial deposits of channels in favorable places for the accumulation of heavy material.

To move a noble metal, in contrast to stone blocks, more effort is required. Even in the period of heavy rains when the level of water in the rivers is raised, when the sedimentary formations are eroding, the gold nuggets located on the dam remain almost immobile.

Gold in the crystalline form is extremely rare. This metal is characterized by splices and twins. Most often in nature it is observed in the form of grains. In the weathering zones, sometimes find nuggets.

The largest gold nugget, found at the Hill End mine in Australia, weighed 90 kg and was put into melting. Its appearance had the shape of a plate, 66 cm wide, 144 cm long and 10 cm thick.

Usually veined gold is in the form of crystals. Upon entering the water flow, the metal is separated from the quartz and acquires a rounded shape. By the degree of processing of the material, it is possible to determine the path of the vein fragment and the location of the rocks in the bedrock.

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