The bear climbed into the watchman's house and ate all the supplies

The bear climbed into the watchman's house and ate all the supplies

In the Kolpashevsky district of the Tomsk region, bears looted the house of the watchman of one of the forestry enterprises, breaking furniture and destroying all the provisions. As told "RG" hunter in the area Sergei Elnikov, a decision was made to shoot the animal.

- There are no other options, if these comrades once got into the house and found food, they will come back again and again. It is good that at that time there were no people on the site of the site, otherwise everything could have ended much worse. In addition, on the spot there were traces of two animals, larger and smaller, probably they came at different times, which means that the danger is even greater.


The farm, which was chosen by the clubfoot, is located on the bank of the Eltyreva River. There are two buildings on the territory of logging. It is more - for shift workers, who change the forest in shifts, and smaller, for the watchman, he is there round the clock. By a lucky chance, the watchman, like the workers, went to the city on personal business, but asked a friend to look after the site. When he went into the passage, immediately realized that the house was a bear.

Part of the furniture was broken, somewhere there were traces of claws. The utensils and household utensils are scattered, but nothing left of the food. The predator tried to get into the workers' house, but only tore off the door handle and retired. According to the game expert, bears in a human dwelling can attract absolutely any food: cereals, stews, condensed milk, vegetables - anything. And if he found a place with easy prey, then most likely he will come back again.

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