The last marsupial wolf on Earth (1936)

The last marsupial wolf on Earth (1936)

Earlier (3000 years ago), the marsupial wolf inhabited the whole of Australia and New Guinea, but as a result of the first contact with the man and the imported Dingo dogs, as well as climatic changes, the marsupial wolf population began to decline rapidly. In historical times the wolf was widely spread only on Tasmania. Farmers mistakenly considered this wolf a dangerous predator, attacking sheep.


Although at its size (the length of the body hardly exceeded 1 meter), he could hardly have successfully hunted sheep. Apparently, more often the wild dogs were attacked by sheep. Nevertheless, this did not stop the mass extermination of this animal in the 30s of the 19th century. A tangible blow to the marsupial wolf population was caused by the canine plague. Until complete extinction, the Tasmanian wolf was not included in the list of protected animals. In 1930, the last wolf in the wild was killed, and in 1936 (in the video below) died of old age, the last marsupial wolf on the planet.

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